Since 1979, John has been doing therapy and coaching in every imaginable setting- from hospitals and mental health facilities, to individuals, small businesses and large corporations. He has delivered hundreds of NLP, Coaching and Hypnosis trainings to small and large groups all over the world.   There are very few trainers that have the kind of depth, and richness of experience that John possesses. Many of the people he has trained over the last 20 years have gone on to become internationally respected coaches, hypnotherapists and trainers. Much of what you will learn cannot be found in books,  it is learned only from extensive experience in psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching  and delivering training in these areas.

Telecoaching U

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In the last few months, many coaches and therapists have had to pivot and move their practices online.  We have been teaching people how to do coaching, NLP and Hypnosis over the phone for the last 15 years.  When you join Telecoaching U, you will learn the nuances of communicating via the phone, so you can continue to help your clients even though you can’t meet face to face.

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Flying Pig Farm

Located in Madison, Georgia, it is the perfect place for live trainings ~ when we are able to do them ~ and a great place to get  lots of training metaphors learning from Animals, Plants, Weather, Tractors, Lawnmowers and more!

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Uncertainty Webinar

This is a recording of an AMAZING Interview between John Overdurf and Mark J. Ryan and a LIVE Induction /  read more ➝