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TCU Recording… Innerview Overview

Learn the model of coaching I’ve been developing with Telecoachingu for the last several years.  This series of classes goes in-depth on the key concepts and processes in the Coaching Beyond Goals Model.

  • Optimal Coaching State and Beliefs
  • How to create the same conditions that created the problem to create solid change and generalization
  • HNLP Coaching Basic Conversational Model
  • Beyond Goals Model
  • Utilization of the Meta Pattern and Denominalization
  • Elicitation and Utilization of End State Energy
  • Recursive Tasking: The Smallest Next Step
    Also includes the “Coaching Loop, ” a hypnotic music loop designed to activate unconscious processes to reinforce key concepts while stimulating transformation and generalization, as well as a demo of the coaching model.
  • Audio Download

  • ~ 2 Hours

  • Recorded in 2008